Artificial Intelligence

AI is arguably one of the main transformation drivers today across all the industries. From autonomous agents to intelligent automation, from image and voice recognition to decision support platforms, – businesses are looking to understand the boundaries of possible and what they can apply to real life problems today.

In we help clients get demystify AI and discover use cases, that can transform with production level AI today vs. applications that are yet in R&D stage. We also help to choose between AI models in the cloud and proprietary algorithms.

We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Supervised learning and prediction, including Deep Learning Newral Networks algorithms
  • Bots and Engagement Intelligence
  • Cognitive Intelligence
  • Artificial Agents capable of Reasoning
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, OWL ontologies
  • End-to-end Production-grade AI
  • Advanced Analytics and Pattern Recognition based on Unsupervised Learning algorithms

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