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Medicine is a complex and expensive field of study; on average, it takes 10 years or more to become a medical doctor, making the time of healthcare professionals extremely valuable. However, quite often doctors spend their time and get bogged down in administrative tasks and endless paperwork, taking time that could have been spent treating patients. In Slovakia and some other EU countries it is still common for doctors to have to do things like fill out health insurance forms by hand and turn them in to be mailed out via traditional mail carriers. The process becomes especially time-consuming for treatment initiation and supervision protocols, application for pre-approval for treatment, and other processes and forms required by health insurance institutions as determined and revised by medical examination boards and agencies. The templates are long, not standardized, and have to be searched and downloaded manually from websites of health insurance institutions in a wide variety of different file formats.

As a response to this existing need, developed and released the Medform solution. This new platform digitalizes all kinds of healthcare forms, originating from any health insurance provider, and allows traditional form-based processes to function up to the demands of the digital age. With Medform, doctors can direct their attention to what requires it most: Patient care.


Medform was developed following the lean development process. It has started from ideation and solutioning performed in joint working groups with leading Insurance and Pharma companies.

The Medform platform deals with patient data. Hence we have placed legal requirements at very core of our Solutioning process. Altamira cooperated with a renowned law firm Dagital Legal focused on personal data protection and GDPR compliance.

MEDFORM is GDPR compliant as well as adheres to ISO 9001 – quality management system and ISO 27001 – physical and data security.

Experience Design

Over the course of the discovery period, sat down with leaders of regional pharma and insurance industries, including “AMGen” and “Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa.” We have conducted a series of workshops with industry partners to better understand how doctors and insurance firms interact via paper forms and how this experience can be re-imagined. The findings gave the team a clear path forward and taught us a thing or two about life of doctors that we do not see in “Doctor House” television series.

Our takeaway from the discovery phase was that doctors want a simple and minimalistic solution. The needed platform would look instantly familiar to new users. As a result, we designed our product in a way that would provide doctors the experience they longed for, generating any form needed in just a few clicks.

We also realized that not all doctors have the need to register on the platform. Hence registration opens extra functionality, but not a mandatory condition of use. Without registration, physician can get all the application forms, downloadable as either a .doc or a .pdf. Once registered, a user has other features available in the system:

  • Management of patient database
  • Management of application and protocol database
  • Repeated (repetitive) creation of application and protocols from templates
  • Repeated (repetitive) creation of applications and protocols from previous forms;
  • Monitoring and management of application expiration and notification to alert the medical practitioner and patient to create a new application
  • Statistical indicators
  • Communication module for SMS communication with a patient


From a technology perspective, our priority has always been compliance with the best practices in data security. Patients’ sensitive information, including personal data and health information, is encrypted and stored safely.

Technologies that were used in developing Medform were:






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