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Propelled by declining interest rates and zero-commission trading, retail trading volumes
continue their meteoric rise at a record pace. According to the most recent data, just six of the top online brokerages in the US have a whopping 100 million users, between them.

Ticker Tocker is an intuitive trading platform connecting investors to top trading leaders. The platform was founded by industry veterans Stephen Kalayjian and Joseph Murphy, when the duo realized that the trading industry needed a disruptive force to help traders with various levels of experience to reach their investment goals. With Ticker Tocker, new traders can learn valuable lessons about fundamentals, and professional traders can collaborate with in-house leaders on their best ideas. The motto of Ticker Tocker is: “Do Not Trade Alone”. Therefore, the platform is built around the interactions between two main user roles: the Investor and the Leader. Investors get advice and follow Leaders while making trades. Leaders are experts in trading, who sell their knowledge to Investors.


To achieve their goals, the development team had to manage a backlog of two major solution components: Trading functionality for Investors and Leader`s Market Place.

The Scaled Scrum framework was used for the coordination of work between the teams. As part of enabling the needed trading functionality, the platform had to support the calculation of over 100 complex market indicators. To qualify for a release into the market, the Tickertocker platform had to pass the test and be cleared by financial regulators.

User Experience

While thinking of experience, we took inspiration in modern airplane cockpit design. Like a pilot controlling the plane, Investors have to see multiple changing parameters, often on multiple screens and yet be able to quickly focus on the most essential information, and execute the order with no delay; few applications set the bar for user interface design as high as online trading solutions.

Designing the Ticker Tocker experience required us to take into consideration a number of technical requirements, including charts to show real time data with no delays in updating information. Custom indicators also had to be calculated and visualised in real time, and the team even had to further support the use of multiple monitors, so users could have easy access to all the visual information they need.

With key criteria, constraints, and objectives clearly defined, Altamira took a comprehensive and holistic approach to prototyping. This included not only UX design elements, but also technical feasibility.

Rightpoint delivered clean, and intuitive design covering a variety of complex functionalities including:

  • Charts and Indicators
  • Ladder allowing to place the OCO & TRG orders
  • Scores that raders can set up to track time to buy or sell
  • Customisable tweet feeds with trade ideas
  • Notifications
  • Widgets, that could be used by partner brokers on their web sites
  • Ability to create and sell Courses and Newsletters
  • Performance Tracker
  • Drag and drop builder for strategies and back testing
  • Live streaming from Leaders with online chat, screen sharing and multisession
  • Layouts (custom combination of the functionality on chart visuals, scores and indicators) that trader can sell to other users
  • Wallets for transactions and subscriptions


Technological stack of this project is complicated and evolved, so we only list some of the technologies:

Cloud services

Amazon SES

Amazon EKS



Amazon ElastiCache









Frameworks, Languages






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