Power of AI/ML: ethical implications of AI

Ethical implications of AI: making choices for humans and discrimination.

Algorithm, if not directed, will select routes that are data poisoning or antisocial, as directed by purely patterns in data. Diminishing bias could be achieved through simple testing cases.

Who will the driverless vehicle sacrifice in a car accident? How can a machine make ethical choice? Can we let machine resolve something that we don’t know how to resolve ourselves? Such ethical issues, philosophic conundrums and paradoxes that humans can not resolve because of its “ethical nature” results in slowing down the technology development in AI and loss of its benefits.

In this video we are discussing AI ethical issues with Varun Aggrawal (CoFounder of Aspiring Minds), Jonathan Rivers (CTO of Fortunes Publishing) and Felix Hovsepian (Professor of AI at Warwick)

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